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Used to get dial up internet access from Concentric for $20 per month. That was a lot, but it worked. XO bought Concentric's customers, dropped Concentric's services and raised the monthly charge. Now XO can't even deliver basic mail services reliably! Come on! What a rip-off. I rely on e-mail to keep in touch with my customers. A few months ago my e-mail simply stopped working. My customers started calling, and apparently XO was sliding a new e-mail system in without telling anyone beforehand. What a disaster.

Now remember this is a privately held company that is currently advertising its expertise in "disaster recovery". As they say LOL!

In the past few weeks, I have been getting notifications that my sent e-mails couldn't be delivered. A problem with logging on to their "secure server". Not to worry, though the message says. They will keep trying to deliver my e-mail for 5 days!

If you can, avoid this company like the plague.

Check them out. Privately held? How does that happen, and where did the money come from for all those acquisitions?

You know, they have access to every e-mail that goes through their site. Be scared!

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